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DPC Sermon from May 8, 2022 - Youth Sunday

In this special Youth Sunday edition of the DPC Podcast, Riley reads from 1 Corinthians 12:12-27, Olivia offers her reflections of growing up in the church, and our Youth Choir offers us a beautiful rendition of "Look at the World"

DPC Sermon from May 1, 2022 - "When Jesus Shows Up"

Lay Leader Marie Stevens reads from John 21:1-14. In his sermon, John Willingham focuses on the third moment in John’s gospel when the risen Christ appears to his disciples. It begins with a night of unsuccessful fishing and ends with a breakfast over a charcoal fire. Join us as we allow that Biblical moment to help us ponder the times in our own lives when Jesus shows up, too.

DPC Sermon from April 24, 2022 - "Resurrection: Tikkun Olam"

The good news of the Resurrection was for all creation. As Earth Day reminds us to care for our earth, join Pauline Sexton as we look at our responsibility to care for the world as we live in witness to how the Resurrection impacts our life and choices.

DPC Sermon from April 17, 2022 Easter Sunday - "An Easter Start"

Pastor John Willingham reads from John 20:1-10. In the sermon, John focuses on one of the men who, upon hearing Mary Magdalene’s news, rushed to the empty tomb on the first Easter morning. In the narrative, we see ways that unnamed disciple models faith and still falls short. Join us as we ponder his response and what that imperfect example might be saying to us.

DPC Sermon from April 10, 2022 - "The Final Hand-Over(s)"

Lay Leader Doug Barnett reads from John, Chapter 19. In the sermon, John Willingham concludes our Lenten look at moments during his final hours when Jesus was handed over from one group or person to the next. This Sunday, we focus on two moments when Jesus reversed the process with handovers that brought life-changing implications for you and me. Join us as we recall and celebrate both gifts.

DPC Sermon from April 3, 2022 - "A Humiliated Savior"

We hear of Jesus' crucifixion from Lay Leader Marie Stevens who reads from the Book of John. In his sermon, John Willingham focuses on the aspects of Jesus’ final hours designed only to humiliate him. What do those additional human steps have to say to us about times of public ridicule today? Join us as we ponder together.

DPC Sermon from March 27, 2022 - "Looking for Courage"

Pastor John Willingham reads from John, Chapter 19. In his sermon, he focuses on the moment long ago when Pontius Pilate goes back and forth from the crowd to Jesus seeking to secure the arrestee’s freedom. He ultimately fails, but in the midst of that time of fear and intimidation there is also a glimpse of quiet courage. Join us as we ponder that witness and what it might say to us in our own troubling times.

DPC Sermon from March 20, 2022 - "Majoring in the Truth"

We begin with a reading from John, Chapter 18, offered by Lay Leader Tom Maclin. In the sermon, John Willingham focuses on the Friday morning when Jesus is handed over from the high priest to Pontius Pilate. It’s a moment filled with drama and deception, courage and cowardice, all resulting in an innocent man being handed over to his death. Join us as we ponder that familiar scene for what is has to say about how we best respond to the truth embodied in Jesus himself.

DPC Sermon from March 13, 2022 - "When Our World Changes"

Lay Leader Steve Quist reads from John 18, then, in the sermon, John Willingham focuses on the Biblical moment Jesus is taken to the high priest and Peter denies even knowing his teacher three times. What does that scene suggest to us as people of faith as we continue to respond to the troubling events in Ukraine? Join us as we ponder together.

DPC Sermon from March 6, 2022 - "Who Do You Say That I Am?"

Lay Leader Marie Stevens reads from John 18:1-11. Then, in the sermon, join Becca Bateman as we reflect on a question Jesus thinks is worth repeating, so it might be worth asking ourselves.

DPC Sermon from February 27, 2022 - "Living with the Mystery"

During Sunday's worship service, Pastor John Willingham reads from Luke 9:28-36. In the sermon, our focus will be on the Transfiguration, that day Jesus and three of his disciples climb a mountain and his appearance is completely transformed. Two ancestors in the faith stand with Jesus and a voice from the cloud is heard. Afterwards, Luke says the three disciples who were witnesses to those events tell no one of what they saw though clearly the news was shared later. Join us as we ponder that response and the events in our own journey of faith that are not easy to explain.

DPC Sermon from February 20, 2022 - "Actions Speak Louder than Words"

Lay Leader Mary Shull reads from Luke 6:39-49 and then, in her sermon, Becca Bateman helps us reflect on Jesus' call to build or rebuild a spiritual foundation. Whereas this takes time, it is surprising how quickly things come together after that.

DPC Sermon from February 13, 2022 - "Until That Day"

Lay Leader Van Starner offers our Scripture lesson reading from Luke 6:20-26. In the sermon, John Willingham focuses on a moment of teaching by Jesus that sounds something like the Beatitudes, but has a very different feel. Instead of naming nine blessings as he does in Matthew’s gospel, Luke tells us of a day when Jesus speaks of four blessings and four woes. Join us as we ponder words that are both encouraging and troubling while naming our ongoing response as people of faith.

DPC Sermon from February 6, 2022 - "Nothing to Lose"

In his sermon, John Willingham reflects on the moment Jesus calls Simon Peter to follow him. It occurs on a day that the fisherman is worn out after a long night of unsuccessful fishing and Jesus suggests the man try again. The response changes Simon’s life. Join us as we ponder similar moments of frustration in our own lives and what Jesus might be saying to us.

DPC Sermon from January 30, 2022 - "God's Supply Chain"

This week, Pauline Sexton looks at the Widow of Zarephath whose story is found in 1 Kings 17. Jesus mentioned her after he had read the Scripture in the Synagogue in Nazareth. Who is she; and what can her story teach us?

DPC Sermon from January 23, 2022 - "The Ways We Help"

In the sermon, John Willingham focuses on the first moment in the gospel when Jesus’ power becomes evident. It occurred at a wedding after the host ran out of wine. Join us as we ponder how he learned of the shortfall and what that moment might say to us about the times when needs arise still.

DPC Sermon from January 16, 2022 - "Hard News/Good News"

In his sermon, John Willingham reflects on the only moment Jesus preached in his hometown synagogue. It started out well, but ended with the crowd attempting to kill him. Drawing upon that Biblical scene, our pastor will then share some good news and hard news as it relates to our recent Be Renewed generosity initiative.

DPC Sermon from January 9, 2022 - "A Reminder of Why We Baptize"

In his sermon, John Willingham focuses on Luke’s account of Jesus’ baptism. What does that scene have to say to us as we respond to the call of every baptism at DPC “to remember with joy our own baptism as we celebrate this sacrament?” Join us as we ponder such remembrance together.

DPC Sermon from January 2, 2022 - "A Meaningful Gift"

We have just completed a season of gift-giving. In his sermon, John Willingham reflects on the first presents offered at the first Christmas; gifts that held meaning for the family, the givers and us. Join us as we ponder the nature of such gifts anew.

DPC Sermons from December 24 and December 26, 2021

Today we offer a special two-part DPC Podcast. First, you'll hear Pastor John Willingham's Christmas Eve sermon entitled "The Best Christmas Tradition," followed by the sermon from our December 26 worship service featuring a sermon delivered by Associate Pastor Becca Bateman and two guest preachers - DPC members John Mulder and Eileen Telly. Happy New Year from Doylestown Presbyterian Church!

DPC Sermon from December 12, 2021 - "Already, But Not Yet"

In his sermon, John Willingham focuses on two themes of the Season of Advent--waiting for the birth of Jesus and waiting for the return of Christ. What does it mean for us to live as people of faith who have already experienced the joy of the incarnation while also knowing that creation is not yet all that God intends? Join us as we ponder together.

DPC Sermon from December 5, 2021 - "The Place to Turn - Still"

In the sermon, John Willingham reflects on how we best respond when hard times keep coming. In particular, as a new variant of the COVID virus has surfaced, how are we to respond as people of faith? Join us in pondering that question together on the Second Sunday of Advent, as we continue to prepare for and wait for the Light of the World.

DPC Sermon from November 28, 2021 - "Where Peace Begins"

In his sermon, John Willingham focuses on Biblical texts that pray for and lament the absence of peace in ancient Jerusalem. All around us is evidence of other places where peace is missing. Where do we begin to make the kind of change God intends? Join us as we ponder our individual and collective response.

DPC Sermon from November 21, 2021 - "Who is this King of Glory?"

We end the church year with Christ The King Sunday. Pastor Pauline Sexton invites us to look at Jesus as King through the prophetic words of Daniel and John in the book of Revelation as we ask the question “Who is this King of glory?"

DPC Sermon from November 14, 2021 - "Be Renewed in God's Promises"

In his sermon, John Willingham concludes our Be Renewed series by focusing on what God has and has not promised to us. Join us as we ponder that vital distinction before making our financial commitment for the next two years. You can visit www.dtownpc.org/BeRenewed to access a digital commitment card as we strive to Be Renewed as a body of faith.

DPC Sermon from November 7, 2021 - "On Eagles Wings – A Vision from Above"

We welcome the Reverend Ruth Faith Santana-Grace, Executive Presbyter of the Presbytery of Philadelphia, to our pulpit. In her sermon, she explores how we can look to Christ to renew our strength so that we can continue to run or walk through the journey God has placed before us.

DPC Sermon from 10-31-21 - "A Fresh Start"

As we continue our reflections on how scripture guides us to Be Renewed, this week we look at David’s heartfelt plea for forgiveness after his sin had led into infidelity and murder in Psalm 51. He longs to be renewed in his relationship with God, but he also asks for a steadfast spirit to be with him. Join Pastor Pauline as David’s prayer models for us renewal that is based on a steadfast spirit.

DPC Sermon from October 24, 2021 - "Seek, Search and Notice"

Two years ago, Pastor Roberta preached her first sermon among us focusing on loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Today, on Roberta's last Sunday among us, our Be Renewed campaign once again focuses our attention on what is essential in our life of faith. Roberta invites us to be renewed in our thinking as we hunger for and seek God in our daily lives.

Sermon from October 17, 2021 - "Worth the Investment"

In Becca Bateman's sermon this Sunday we explore ways we can encourage one another and discover those small, sometimes unnoticed glimpses of hope and renewal - evidence of God’s presence.

DPC Sermon from October 10, 2021 - "Letting Down the Nets"

John’s Gospel concludes in chapter 21 with Jesus seeking out his disciples and offering them breakfast on the beach. Join us as Pauline Sexton invites us to listen in on their conversation and catch another glimpse of the grace of the Risen Lord.